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Caleb Meyer

by Gillian Welch

This rendition (with my apologies to Gillian for slightly modifying the song) resets the song from the mountains of presumably Kentucky to the lowlands of Amite Co., Mississippi, my area of origin.  Also the song has been changed from first to third person.  This could possibly be done in a bluegrass style, but I've never heard it done that way.  It has a Celtic flavor since some of the chords are approximations of modal chords frequently used in Irish and Scottish folk music.

Red Clay Halo

by Gillian Welch

This is a straight rendition of the song done by Gillian except that again I reset it from the mountains to the flatland.

J.J.'s Train

2006, Wayne B. Anderson, lyrics set to traditional melody

This is an old traditional piece that has several versions.  I've reset it to Amite Co. and rewrote it to describe the Liberty White Railroad, built by entrepreneur J.J. White, that ran from 1904 until 1921, primarily hauling timber to a collection point for further transport to sawmills.  It also describes an accident that took the life of one of my Great Uncles who received a severe concussion when he tried to catch the moving train for a ride while he was drunk and was thrown to the railroad bed where he hit his head.  There are various bluegrass versions of this piece in the original traditional forms.


Katy Dear


There are various versions of this song as well, some of which have been done in a bluegrass style, although it predates the bluegrass music genre by quite a bit.